IT for Non-Profits

Grossly Inadequate Cybersecurity Protections Will Cripple Your Company

When a cyber-attack happens, the losses stack up and multiply. At best, your operations are crippled. Worst case, you’re completely shut down, unable to transact, unable to deliver promised products and services to clients and unable to operate. In other cases, thousands if not millions of dollars are drained directly from your accounts without any chance of recovery.

The landscape of cybersecurity changes daily, and it is very difficult to maintain a network that is SOC 2 Compliant, HIPAA-compliant and runs a fast network of computers. The first step towards creating a fast and secure network is to have a Cybersecurity Assessment completed for your IT infrastructure.

Why Use the Cloud?

Using hosted virtual desktops, also known as VDI’s, built by InnerPC will enable you to mainstream your entire company with one click. Here is our promise to you.

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