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Network Security Solutions for SMBs, Enterprises, & Healthcare Facilities

InnerPC delivers a complete suite of smart network security services for your business.

Cybersecurity services up to date for your company’s computer network? With today’s increasing reliance on technology for infrastructures, network security attacks pose a very real danger to almost everyNYC business.

For productive and profitable operation, it is crucial to protect your business data and systems.

The truth is, all businesses are vulnerable to an attack. However, securing data is especially important for the legal, healthcare, education, retail and finance sectors. If your network security standards and protocols are not up to snuff, you could soon find your organization coming under attack. Whether it be bad actors, malicious software, or a just lack of safeguards, your data could be compromised at any time.

Starting with a complete, comprehensive review of your systems, InnerPC will audit your current infrastructure, conduct penetration testing, and discuss the best route to take to lock out threats and to keep your business information secure.

Cybersecurity Services NYC - Network Security New York City
Cybersecurity NYC

Total Coverage Cybersecurity Services for NYC Businesses

InnerPC provides sophisticated network security services that are both cost effective and simple to work with. Our driven, cutting-edge technology software is scalable and highly automated.

From intrusion detection and prevention to end-point security, encryption and application services, InnerPC has every aspect of cloud and on premise security covered with our detect, defend and remediate strategy.

Our New York City based team of experts offer premier-grade, end-to-end service. InnerPC can provide advanced threat detection, 24/7 monitoring, as well as an advanced, analytics-based information and event management (SIEM) solution.

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