Business leader’s agree, using the cloud increases security and productivity.

Get the competitive advantage you need and utilize the cloud for all your programs.

With a cloud server, you can access hundreds of programs, all with one click. This includes:

Are you worried about losing critical data or not being able to access your programs?

Over the last year, there have been significant changes in cyber-risks, as well as NEW mandates for greater cyber protections for ALL businesses, being driven by a growing number of government agencies, insurance companies and even clients and prospects who are demanding their vendors have proper cyber protections in place as a condition of obtaining their business.

What has your current IT company told you about this? Your insurance agent?

The answer is probably nothing – and there’s a very good chance your current IT company is NOT protecting you as it should and is putting you at underappreciated risk for the losses and financial devastation a cyber-attack, data breach or compliance violation would cause.

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No matter the industry, organizations of all sizes are in a constant battle with cybercriminals. You may even hold valuable data, including bank account information, social security numbers, and home address with PII (personal identification numbers). You not only have to run a productive business, but you also need to secure your client’s data. InnerPC has a 7-step system that dramatically decreases your chances of being compromised by a cyber-attack.


Security is essential, but you also need speed to get those taxes done on time. The servers that host your data are of the highest quality offering incredible speed from anywhere in the world. Are you frustrated working remotely and not having outstanding speed with your programs? Then get a competitive advantage with our cloud servers.


The landscape for business has changed over the last couple of years, and people are working remotely and need to share ideas and tasks with other employees. Office 365 offers an entire suite of tools that will help you communicate with your employees in real-time, no matter where you are.

With InnerPC’s help, I have been able to work as a tax accountant remotely for the last 14 months without missing a beat. The speed of the hosted desktop is remarkable, and I actually have not needed any customer support over this time. My employer retained InnerPC just about four years ago and the customer service is excellent. All the technicians, particularly Ariel, are delightful to work with and have always thoroughly resolved any issues we have had. I would highly recommend working with them.

Melissa Manning

Why Use the Cloud

Using hosted virtual desktops, also known as VDI’s, built by InnerPC will enable you to mainstream your entire company with one click. Here is our promise to you.

Our solutions are fully scalable and customized to your business.

Management for one flat-rate fee, so simple, no hassles.

Prevent the unexpected from ruining your company.

3 Reasons to Trust InnerPC IT Consulting & Computer Network Solutions

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No other IT company will give the dedication and time that InnerPC delivers. We have researched other firms and used a couple of other organizations before and we never felt like we received value. InnerPC is fully confident in what they are doing and they go above and beyond. What this means is that InnerPC creates an IT environment where I can finally leave technology to the consultants and not be the go-to person for computer problems. This is saving us time and money in the long run.

Sung Park

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