Gartner released their “Top Strategic Technology Trends for 2021,” which focus on three central themes: People Centricity, Location Independence, and Resiliency Delivery.

People Centricity

Although COVID-19 had a dramatic effect on the way people interact, it still showed organizations that people are at the center of all business.

  • Internet of Behaviors (IoB): There is a massive amount of data available on consumers. From social media to facial recognition, the internet is constantly capturing increasing amounts of information. The technology that makes sense of all the data and draws insight will be pivotal in the coming year.
  • Total Experience Strategy: Total experience combines customer experience (CX), user experience (UX), and multi-experience (MX) to create a holistic view and better experience for all consumers.
  • Privacy-Enhancing Computing: This type of computing combines technologies to better protect the collection and sharing of data.

Location Independence

The global pandemic and quarantine shifted where employees and customers physically met, and the technology behind empowering everyone to work remotely will remain a central theme throughout 2021.

  • Distributed Cloud: Distributed cloud provides public cloud options to different physical locations to help with latency issues and ensure privacy regulations remain in a specific geographical location.
  • Anywhere Operations: The new IT model must support customers and employees everywhere, anytime. In addition to operating remotely – anywhere operations must provide value-add experiences for increased employee and customer engagement.
  • Cybersecurity Mesh: COVID-19 has dramatically accelerated the cybersecurity landscape, and cybersecurity will remain a focal point in 2021.

Resiliency Delivery

The world still remains unpredictable, and business resiliency is key to weathering any condition 2021 may throw at us.

  • Intelligent Composable Business: COVID-19 forced businesses to allow employees to work remotely and most will continue to do so in 2021. Organizations must continue to remain adaptable and flexible in their business operations.
  • AI Engineering: In 2021, organizations will continue to make investments in AI engineering to future-proof their businesses and provide valuable data insights.
  • Hyperautomation: Hyperautomation is when businesses automate as many businesses and IT processes as possible using AI, machine learning, and other types of automation.