Since the start of COVID-19, the FBI has reported a 300% increase in reported online crimes. While most organizations have been pretty prepared to handle the new work-from-home model, there has really been a strain on cybersecurity.

Working remotely has greatly impacted the workloads of cybersecurity experts.

Gartner just released a report predicting that cybersecurity spending is expected to reach over $122 billion in 2020. This is down from their original projections in December of 2019. Video conferencing and cloud computing> software all received major investments in the past year, well above the investments for cybersecurity. The coronavirus pandemic has been driving cost-saving measures for most businesses.

Remote working has become the new normal. Companies have massively transformed all aspects of how they operate to the digital world. Security measures must not be overlooked as it could have and dire impact on the future of any organization.

Many companies have already fallen victim to socially engineered phishing scams. Hackers have more opportunities than ever to exploit security gaps and gain access to anyone’s data or personal information. As an example, cybersecurity researchers have actually seen an upwards of 4,000 Covid-19 related online attacks per week! Per WEEK! If that doesn’t make your company want to beef up it’s security efforts, I don’t know what will.

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