93% of companies without a disaster recovery or business continuity plan who suffer a major disaster are out of business within one year. Ninety-three percent. If that statistic doesn’t scare you, it should. You cannot operate business seamlessly without a backup solution in place.

There are several types of disasters that will halt your business operations.

  • Natural Disaster: A natural disaster such as a hurricane, flood, or fire only accounts for 5% of disruptions but have disastrous effects.
  • Hardware Failure: Hardware failure on the other hand accounts for 42% of all data loss.
  • Software Malfunctions: Likely, your organization is running several business-critical applications to keep your business running, and if one of them malfunctions, that means serious downtime.
  • Online Attacks: The average small business experiences two full days of downtime after a ransomware attack.
  • Power Outage: Power outages affect business operations. It’s estimated that power outages cost the US economy between $20 billion and $55 billion annually.

Any type of unexpected data loss can cause serious disruption to your business including lost productivity, sales downtime (decreased revenue), customer dissatisfaction, and more. That is why it is critically important to use data backup to protect your business, which includes having an operational disaster recovery plan and a business continuity plan, so your organization can resume business operations after a disaster.

Building the right plan does not have to be hard. Your disaster recovery plan includes the recovery of all your critical technology infrastructure after a disaster, including business data, and your business continuity plan includes the entire plan of action to resume regular business operations after and during a disaster.

Fortunately, thanks to cloud computing, effective disaster recovery and business continuity plans are cost-effective for any size organization. The cloud has also reduced recovery time and increased the flexibility of options.

96% of businesses with a proper plan in plan are able to fully recover operations in the event of a disaster. If your organization doesn’t have a plan in place, now is the time to schedule a consultation. Or, if your organization has a plan in place they want to be evaluated or tested, contact us today to get started!