Technology is more integrated into our lives than ever before, especially after a year of stay-at-home orders, binge-watching, and staying connected to friends and family through video chats and social media. As we move into a new year, many people are looking for a fresh start. With the new year comes new year’s resolutions, so we’ve gathered a few resolutions to add to your list.

Here are our 5 new year’s tech resolutions to implement in 2021.

Limit Screen Time
In addition to eating better and working out more, at the top of the list of resolutions for 2021 is limiting screen time. That means limiting the amount of time spent on phones, computers, and in front of the TV screen. Instead, set time limits on these devices and pick up new non-device related hobbies.

Designate Device-Free Time
Sometimes just the presence of a smartphone reduces focus, especially during work hours. If you don’t need your phone while working, keep it in a separate room or if you’re working in the office, keep it in your desk drawer. It’s also important to set device-free time after work hours as well. Instead of watching a movie, pick up a book, or go for a walk.

Turn Off Phone Notifications
The average person picks up their phone 96 times a day – that’s once every 10 minutes. Minimizing these distractions can improve productivity and even mental wellbeing dramatically. In your settings, you can turn off notifications based on apps. You can turn off social media notifications and even text messages.

Do a Social Media Check-Up
Social media has good and bad sides. It is great for keeping in touch with family and old friends, but it also has the potential to harm you. At the start of the new year, perform a social media check-up. Delete old posts from high school or college and delete any posts that contain any privacy concerns like where you live.

Protect Your Online Privacy
We’ve seen a record number of cyber-attacks this year. In 2021, make it a goal to update all of your account passwords. Delete old, reused, and weak passwords and replace the passwords on your accounts with something strong and unique. Also, add multi-factor authentication to all of your accounts to better protect your information.